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Why Going For Tire Rotation Is Necessary

Going for tire rotation is essential to enhance the lifespan of your car’s tires and to ensure that the warranty on your tire’s mileage remains valid. Many of the tires manufacturers have the condition that their warranty is only valid if the tire rotation service is availed at the periodic intervals suggested in the manual. It helps with improving the traction and grip of the car on the road, and also helps with easy handling.

Tire rotation ensures that you do not have to go for tire replacement for a long time to come because the tires would…
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Windshield Repair May Be Essential for Your Lincoln

A car windshield replacement is something that should get done with urgency if your windshield gets damaged beyond repair. The telling point is seeing how big and or dangerous the damage is. For instance, if the windshield has gotten completely shattered, or there is a big chip in the glass, a crack in the glass or if there are scratches in the glass to obstruct the driver's view, you may want to consider a replacement. In many cases, the damage can be a safety hazard while driving. Thus the longer one waits to repair or replace the windshield the…

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Does Your Lincoln Need New Tires in Cathedral City?

Over time, every auto part needs to be replaced for the sake of your safety and your vehicle's longevity. The tires on your Lincoln are no exception. Does your Lincoln need new tires? Here are some signs for Cathedral City drivers to look for.

Bald Tires: When tires lose their tread because of normal wear, they aren't able to grip the road as effectively or handle as safely.

Bulges and Cracks: If you start to find bulges and cracks in your tire, it could mean that something like a steel belt has snapped internally. Best to have your…

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A New Lincoln Lease is a Great Option for Cathedral City Drivers

You're understandably on top of the world when you buy a new vehicle, but then in a few years you see all the new technology that's available... and you'd rather have that instead. The good news is that there is a way for Cathedral City drivers to consistently stay in the newest vehicle available: a new Lincoln lease.

There are plenty of great benefits to leasing a new Lincoln.

  • You don't pay the full amount of the vehicle, because you only pay for the term of your lease, which is usually two to three years.
  • Monthly…
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Arsenic is found in used motor oil

When you purchase a brand new automobile, you do so in order to enjoy a solid transportation answer. You might not have fully calculated all the time it would take to do things like, oil changes. You also might not want to deal with used oil. Did you know that arsenic is found in used motor oil?


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Lincoln MKZ and Lincoln MKX Top in Safety

If safety is a high priority, look no further than the new Lincoln MKZ and Lincoln MKX.

Both have been named top safety picks by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in their respective categories, midsize luxury car, and midsize luxury SUV.

IIHS conducts vehicle exams to see how the vehicle’s crashworthiness stacks up to other cars in its class. IIHS is looking at how well a vehicle shields its occupants from harm in the event of a collision. It also ranks cars for front-crash prevention, systems that...

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