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The Lincoln MKZ's Control Panel

One of the most popular luxury sedans out there, the Lincoln MKZ is not only known for its affordability, but it excels when it comes to having different features that you can equip to it to make it even better. It also comes with some features that could determine whether or not this vehicle is the right choice for you.

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Explore the Smart Technology of the 2018 Lincoln MKX

The 2018 Lincoln MKX features smart technologies that make car ownership safer and more convenient than in the past. You'll be impressed with the MKX's integration with mobile devices, its smart safety technologies that use radar and cameras, and its voice-activated infotainment center.

The Lincoln Way app gives you access to remote control features and complimentary services like parking reservations and roadside assistance using your smartphone.

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All About the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Do you have your sights set on a top-quality deluxe vehicle? The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid may be the ideal option for you.

It's a sturdy vehicle that's of moderate size. It provides drivers with a range of performance features they're sure to admire as well. The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is equipped with a state-of-the-art adaptive suspension that relies on numerous helpful sensor options. 

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The Lincoln Continental Debuts Technological Advancements

The Lincoln Continental consistently ranks as one of the all-time most popular luxury cars. Each year, new models arrive on the market to display advanced features. A Lincoln Continental hardly falls behind the times. The technological achievements of the 2018 models prove this notion.

SYNC 3 stands out to deliver a totally modernized driving experience. SYNC 3 allows for the voice activation of features and other functions. 

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Can Someone Explain Gaskets?

Absolutely. These are an important part of a vehicle’s functionality, and a leading cause of breakdowns and even accidents in Cathedral City as well. These devices are basically critical seals that keep liquids where they belong and keep air in or out of places. They feel like rubber and are flexible like it, but their cores are steel or copper.

Your oil pan gasket is critical, as it keeps oil in the pan when the crankshaft is in motion. 

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Learning How to Safely Avoid a Tire Blowout

Avoiding a tire blowout begins with recognizing signs of trouble with the tires.

It will only take you five minutes to check the pressure of the tires if your vehicle isn't equipped with a pressure monitoring system. Purchase a tire gauge and be sure the tires are not low of air. Low tire pressure can be a contributing cause of a tire blowout.

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Have You Seen the Design of the 2018 Lincoln MKC?

The Lincoln MKC is a luxury crossover sport utility vehicle that will take you where you want to go in comfort and in style. The ambient lighting is available in seven colors, allowing you to choose the one that suits your mood.

The crossover also features a panoramic vista roof. The sun roof has two separate parts, one in the front and one for the rear passengers. The sun roof has a shade that can be pulled into place when the sun is bright and the weather is hot. This will keep you comfortable on hot days. 

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Lincoln MKT Performance Features for Your Commute

Introduced by Lincoln in 2010, the Lincoln MKT remains a popular midsize crossover SUV for Cathedral City, CA motorists. Included among the many performance features are the available turbo-charged engine and its Intelligent AWD sensors. The MKT is a luxury SUV that delivers on performance.

The available twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 engine is equipped with 365 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. It is effectively fuel efficient while delivering on a powerful performance platform. The MKT model’s Intelligent AWD utilizes traction monitoring sensors. 

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How Does Knowing How Each Position on the Ignition Switch Works Inform You of Upcoming Ignition Problems?

The ignition switch on your vehicle is built to reduce power usage during startup and to close the circuit that allows your electrical components to work. Each of the three positions of the Ignition switch provides power to different elements of your vehicle.

When your car is “off,” you can still send power to the headlights. 

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Come Experience the Features and Elegance of The Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln has, for many years, been a car brand whose name signifies excellence and performance. They do the research and put in the time to produce high quality vehicles. If you are in search for a feature rich, well-made SUV, then you should make sure to give the Lincoln Navigator a look.

With the Navigator, you will find yourself equipped with features that promise an enjoyable ride.

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