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Can Someone Explain Gaskets?

Absolutely. These are an important part of a vehicle’s functionality, and a leading cause of breakdowns and even accidents in Cathedral City as well. These devices are basically critical seals that keep liquids where they belong and keep air in or out of places. They feel like rubber and are flexible like it, but their cores are steel or copper.

Your oil pan gasket is critical, as it keeps oil in the pan when the crankshaft is in motion. Your intake/exhaust manifold gaskets maintain temperature and air flow, and your cylinder head gaskets pad the gap between them and the engine block. Any of these breaking down can cause the vehicle to come to a stop.

You can spot a failing gasket a mile away as it stops sealing, allowing gaps to form, and it cracks or gets nasty build up around it. To prevent this, change your oil and engine fluids regularly and be sure your engine doesn’t run too hot.

To learn more about this and other tips for a safer drive, visit our service center at Palm Springs Lincoln right away.

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